11 Best Reads For Learning About Decentralized Applications


With the emerging industry of DAC’s and DApps - thought I’d put together a list of the top 11 resources to learn more.

Let me know what you think!



@TomKoinify This article is a little confusing; where is @dirvine in this list of articles :wink:

11 best reads; and not one dirvine or MaidSafe; the real Decentralized Application.

I think it needs revision.

plenty to choose from. For example:


Tom Kysar - Growth Hacker @Koinify

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Hi Tom,

I don’t believe Koinify was utilized to facilitate the Maidsafe crowd sale.

Nothing wrong with ‘growth hacking’ for Koinify by leveraging the awesomeness of Project SAFE…but value exchange is good.

Unfortunately you blew it this time, but maybe dig a little deeper into this project. The knowledge may help in evaluating other projects you may be consider on-boarding, because have no doubt Project SAFE is the gold standard for decentralized networks.


Hey Chrisfoster,

We sure did not facilitate the MaidSafe crows sale. We haven’t actually launched out platform yet. MaidSafe, Ethereum, and Storj logos we’re posted on our landing pages as examples of decentralized applications who had crowd sales, because as you said - they are the gold standards. There is nothing on the page that states we on-boarded and did their crowd sale, nor anywhere which implies that.

I’m sorry if our website led you to believe otherwise. Ill sure bring this up with the rest of my team and we’ll figure out a way to make it clearer - but we did not place those icons there to show that we onboarded the project. We also have BitAccess, Melotic, and Block.io listed as examples of crypto infrastructure.

I’m very familiar with MaidSafe - this list is not meant to be a universally agreed upon resource. We just complied what we believe to be some great resources for information on DApps & DAC’s, and didn’t mean to offend anyone with the non-wiriting of certain projects. There sure are a lot more amazing resources out there (Including MaidSafes white paper) - but I actually tried to steer away from being too specific with the types of resources I posted.

I appreciate the feedback though - thanks!



@chrisfostertv his quote was not that they are gold standards. Gosh;

Do more hard work, get more thorough instead of front running multiples of one person and not including the other good stuff.

which ones?

completely wrong.


Well, I’m sorry there is confusion between us.

I understanding what you’re saying - I’ll sure keep it in mind for the future.

Sorry I included the other two Ethereum & Storj in my “gold standard(s)” reply - all three are included in the same image & that my resources weren’t up to par for the community here.

Thanks guys, I’ll be politely leaving to the door on this one - if anybody has any questions per the writings, feel free to PM me.


@TomKoinify consider actually doing homework; and as posting a project on the forum; ask for others’ input.

you could of course modify your article for accuracy.


All good…and when you come to writing ‘The 11 best decentralized technologies’ come on here and we’ll help convince you that Maidsafe/ Project SAFE is #1, because it’s a huge paradigm change :slight_smile: