10 key facts about Safe Network

Dear Happybeing! I have been on a sabbatical this past year my father passed this past May so we had old fashion British Merchant Navy Liverpool send off so they call it our sea mate went over the bar! I just wanted to say hello and its amazing how the project is growing and really respect the community values. Kalelemasalo


Welcome back. I’m sorry about your dad.


Dear Happybeing,

Thank you for email and will be contributing and lining up new business with the platform . Exciting to finally get all my legal and corp and intellectual property and which Eu country

to be based out of. Cheer’s ! Mark


The second link to the Youtube video is dead. But the facts is a really great idea for beginners! Thank You for that! Keep them updated!


Thanks for the heads-up. Fixed now. Cheers


Fact 5 of “10 key facts for new users” describes how to try use Alpha 2,

I suggest extending that with a reference to Creating your WebID on the SAFE Network (Alpha-2) covering how to test Alpha 2 with (a slightly fork of) Peruse browser and Solid.


Good plan. I will wait for Peruse 0.7.0 then will do exactly that.

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This is so well thought out and explained. I’m actually so impressed at how these things are actually happening today. Much respect to everyone actually developing this stuff.


Quite informative. Thanks for sharing.

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I’m here because of you, happybeing. Maybe I can bring some programmers that I know to help with the project and/or bring their solutions into the mix.
I wanted to tell you about one guy’s stable of solutions who has been sounding the Watchman’s Rattle on this issue for years on Periscope as @robmusic. He’s a jazz pianist and programmer, (on Twitter he is: @robmusic0) who has built an encrypted social networking site that addresses some of these important concerns discussed here.
Brax has been functional for years already. It’s got encrypted group chat, monetization, micro-broadcasting and other advantages.
You can sign up: at Brax.me without phone number or email. There you can correspond with Rob Braxman - he doesn’t use email anymore because it’s insecure!
Rob’s site about Internet security is called: www.whatthezuck.net He’s got many additional solutions, such as a paid VPN that has an additional option of running on the TOR network.
Another of Rob’s solutions to help private communication is web hosted membership (he calls it “Social Vision.”) It includes a public site, but acts as a portal to encrypted private areas. If preferred, it includes an optional private version of Brax (Or you can allow members to access the larger version of Brax.) This arena of “Social Vision” functions sort of like an old-time bulletin board forum that is securely encrypted to contain any invention, project or customers. It’s even got a phone app version.
Perhaps Rob’s work that he’s already done could be the new social networking solution for this platform?
Rob has been working all by himself, trying to convince non-programmers of the need for privacy for soooo long. It would be fitting just desserts for him to be paid for his work that he’s been providing to Brax members for free from his commitment to his personal campaign for privacy.


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With the recent growing censorship of even harmless sites like Zerohedge, I am really behind this effort.


Just updating this again. (Thanks for the nudge @Dimitar).

Let me know if anything is wrong or missing - easily changed.


Users will pay a one-time fee to store data, but downloading data and browsing sites on the network will be free.

I don’t understand the above…

  1. A farmer presumably receives the reward for hosting the data - once received what incentive is there to persist that data?
  2. If I pay once to store a large video file can that then be downloaded n times by others?


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If you don’t have the data you will be punished, as with everything a node is expected to do, if you don’t do it adequately you will pay a price.



Thank-you @happybeing

(1) now makes perfect sense
(2) I think I’m beginning to grasp the idea - utilise unused resource and present business opportunities whereby scaling is built in and FOC. Very nice.

One more, if you please. If I upload a file of 1KB, I presumably pay a smaller fee than a 1MB file? What happens if I then update that file, say adding several TBs.


You pay per chunk (up to 1Mb) and can add as many chunks as you wish.