10 key facts about Safe Network

Updated 15 July to add:

Info about testnet 17.
The getting started API pages on the Safedev forum and videos by @hunterlester .
Links to the Maidesafe Asia forum, Twitter and Telegram.
Links to the French version and the Metaquestions blog.

I have removed the link to the mock routing pack because (a) there is currently a live network (although admittedly not for everyone), and (b) it could get confusing as the older apps won’t work with the new API and authenticator. Let me know if you think I should reinstate it. As usual, if there are any mistakes or if I have missed something vital in this update give me a nudge.


I tell you, in 2030, once the new collaborative Internet has been fully established from the SAFE Network, you will get the peace Nobel prize for defending human rights in the cyberspace!


Updated a little belatedly (busy busy busy :tired_face: ) to take in Alpha 2 and refresh some of the links. Let me know if you spot any typos / bad info in the usual way. Cheers


This is wonderful :slight_smile:
Thanks for the sharing.

This is an excellent resource for us non technical types. One thing - in point 2 shouldn’t “more” be replaced with “absolutely”

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I wouldn’t say the privacy & security is absolute, because people can still be hacked by keyloggers etc, or coerced into giving up credentials.

If someone has published something publicly on SAFE with immutable data however, I think you’d be right in saying it’s absolutely uncensorable (assuming a well functioning SAFE network), as not even the uploader can take it down.


Thank you - was just typing something very similar. Nothing can be absolutely secure, encryption algorithms can be broken, devices hacked etc.


Updated to include browser v0.7.0, comments plugin, work on supporting Java and C#, and a few more sites. Zapped a few typos too.


Can’t imagine where those updates came from, in particular :stuck_out_tongue: hehe

Merci pour la traduction ! :heart_eyes:


Right on bro! Thanks for making everyone’s life around here easier!! I signed up just to that k you, you’re that awesome!!

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Huh how come that this is the first time that I see this? (probably to lazy to read in march #$@#)

Great info @JPL

IMHO the safecrossroads podcast series should also be added here, it helped @ bochaco and even clueless consumers like me understand the SAFE Network better so if possible…

I just shared this with one dev who doesn’t understand why I’m so obsessed with the SAFE Network, that while he says that developing full production ready applications on Ethereum is not sensible, Cryprokitties :cat: + :fish: = :tropical_fish: (Yeah I so wish that they had the Catfish emoji) :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the feedback @19eddyjohn75. The podcasts are mentioned under Key Facts for Devs number 4, but perhaps they belong more naturally with the blog. I want to rejig this article at some stage, and I’ll bear that in mind when I do. :+1:


it looks like a good plan, but I am also more interested in network to be implemented in communication of autonomous cars where great potential is and where also big players are like Google.
But lets see…

Updated to refresh the intro and a few other bits and pieces and to change the Reddit link to https://reddit.com/r/safenetwork


Nice one @JPL. Thanks

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I noticed that the reddit forum for Maid was moved away from reddit. Perhaps I was looking at the wrong part of reddit or was the Maid forum really moved? This is of course a response to the “you have to know where to look” comment from the O.P.

It might be a good idea to keep some kind of forum on reddit at least until wider adoption of the currency and the network take hold. :sun_with_face:



aha thank you, that will teach me to read with my eyes shut.


Very informative, thank you.