$1 USD celebration thread!


Ok… So who sold maid at $0.45 to buy bitcoin recently? :joy::joy::joy:


Blatant price manipulation conducted by Bittrex exchange.
Spreads of 2000 satoshi’s & even more.
Just check it out.
The maidsafe wallet has been off during weeks [https://www.bittrex.com/status] preventing people to sell their bags to this inflated prices compared to rest of exchanges, creating a captive market to make price arbritation without opposition.


All my group chats are so active right now.


Bittrex: 7900 sats
Poloniex: 6000 sats
Amazing gap


sell in bittrex, rebuy in poloniex.
Rinse & repeat
Oh wait!!


By the time your maidsafe coin reaches Bittrex safecoin will be out, so you will lose half of your coins to transaction fee for no reason


Just dropped on Polo by 10%


There is no reason for MAID maitanance on Bittrex. Tether wallet is working. Both are omni tokens. This Maitanance is there for non technical reasons. Maybe someone is buying all MAID on Bittrex and let the price drop to buy it again and again. And than the real pump will start on Polo. Polo has MAID as margin currency, so until Maid does not pump on polo, bittrex will dump.


Agree :slightly_smiling_face:

Since day 11 price in bittrex always go up with positive gap all the time + wallet off makes me think in a arbitration inside job

I dont know. We are seeing the opposite last weeks


Inside arbitrage s OK, I do not care who earns on arbitrage, but It is important to have almost same price on all exchanges. What we not have now.


Disagree :slightly_smiling_face:

arbitrage is ok when is conducted by players with no privileges. Bittrex has privileges and they are using it to close the maidsafecoin gates in their platform to take advantage of it.

They should be impartial and don’t play this kind of dirty games and impede users to buy/sell tokens in their platform because they are arbitrating the price in other exchanges. Directly this is fraud and can/should be prosecuted.

What we need is decentralized exchanges in order to avoid this kind of practices amongst others that always benefit the third party involved in detriment of users.


:slight_smile: you are right. But we all know polo, bittrex and all the other exchanges are manipulating market everyday. Almost everything they do is inside trading and illegal in many countries. Sooner or later they will have to drop their trade history in some “accident”, they do not want authorities to check trade history. Same will happen to deposit and withdrawal history of some specific accounts. But I still do not care who is doing arbitrage. The result is the same.


ergo they are the authority.

  • Dear authorities, we refuse to face criminal charges because our cartel activities!
  • Don’t worry, welcome to america, take a sit and don make too much noise
  • A pleasure!


agree ! will give us more opp to accumulate !


I know this thread is for celebrating but we were in top 20 market caps not long ago and slipped below 50. We’ve got a long way to climb up still in terms becoming as mainstream as some others out there!


Vaults hopefully should see that taken care of :wink:


I think we’ll be between $10 and $40 in 2018


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We were in top ten mere months ago.

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