$1 USD celebration thread!


It’s happening!!!
I’ve always used coinmarketcap to track the price, it just shot above 1USD.


I’m going to get that coffee… shame the people I got in at under 0.45cents are scattered around the globe. You know who you are. :wink:


Just wait. The pattern is going to repeat. The price will be back down soon enough.


Yup. It’s alive and breathing. Still hope to get a few more people in.

The first $1.00 breach on coinmarketcap for me is special though.

It might get the attention of pure investors now though.
$2 before the new year?


That’s ambitious! …


Just hit $1.30 on Bttrex… 8200 sats!


This is crazy


Just waiting for the impending predictable dump!


Congrats ladies and gents.
One foot on the ladder with many more to come.


Hopefully from $2 back to $1-$1.50 :wink: This is crypto, things always dump back to a higher floor in fiat terms because new money is flooding in at an insane rate.


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Haha replace that with MaidSafeCoin :stuck_out_tongue:


The funny thing is it generally drops. But then people start thinking it will go to 0 and not buy anyway.


Haha, so true, great meme!

Anyone who thinks they can outplay the market and make clever buys and sells without getting rekt is destined to learn hard lessons imo. Crypto is great until you try to get too clever and make short term predictions. Emotions and greed screw you every time. Just look for cool stuff and HODL. The moment I stopped trading and recognised my own bias and diversified, my results went through the roof… mainly good timing ofc, but still. :wink: The turtle investor always wins the race. They always have and they always will.

$1.40 ATH on Bttrex now!


Couldn’t agree more.


^ Here is wisdom.

I’m so glad we made it this far fellas. I pray for happyness and health for all of you. Two things crypto still can’t buy :slight_smile:


Ok… So who sold maid at $0.45 to buy bitcoin recently? :joy::joy::joy:


Blatant price manipulation conducted by Bittrex exchange.
Spreads of 2000 satoshi’s & even more.
Just check it out.
The maidsafe wallet has been off during weeks [https://www.bittrex.com/status] preventing people to sell their bags to this inflated prices compared to rest of exchanges, creating a captive market to make price arbritation without opposition.


All my group chats are so active right now.


Bittrex: 7900 sats
Poloniex: 6000 sats
Amazing gap


sell in bittrex, rebuy in poloniex.
Rinse & repeat
Oh wait!!


By the time your maidsafe coin reaches Bittrex safecoin will be out, so you will lose half of your coins to transaction fee for no reason