1 Penny Given to a Politican for an Election Should Result in a Life Sentence

The money needs to be completely driven from politics forever. In the case of the US the political and institutional destruction of the Supreme Court would be worth it and may be necessary to fix this. The Court and the Senate were the weak links in the US system that allowed this total corruption. Both need the fixing Jefferson had in mind. The purging of the court should proceed to get rid of its corruption, its pro business findings should be rolled back 45 years. Current Republican ideology is a criminal ideology through and through. Trade may have preceded states but current corporations and US business ideology lacks legitimacy and a ethical basis. The Fairness Doctrine was too weak and it allowed this as weak and it allowed this as well, no sponsored or conflict of interest based media can be allowed. A penny given to a politician should result in a life sentence for both politician and provider of the penny.

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