1 MAID = 2 SAFE Coins?

After such a long road to a real world network, should we double the participation bonus of current holders of MaidSafeCoin? These coins have had much longer than expected to be distributed in the wild.

  • Yes
  • No

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As awesome as it would be to double our holdings that would turn off any new comers. That’s like when people see that a project premined a bunch for themselves for enrichment. Doesn’t exactly build confidence.


There would still be 80% of this coin to farm, thats a lot. Plus without the patience of the current pool of investors over 7 years? they wouldn’t have anything to farm at all.

The holders of this coin have kept MainSafeCoin above rank 150 and we were above 100 for a long time. Without these investors this could would be in the thousands, and the through traffic to this project would be a lot lower. Even though the coins have been idle, they have still provided value to the Safenetwork indirectly. Why shouldn’t they be rewarded?

I’m not the first to turn down free safecoins, but I voted no.

We are all at an advantage being this early anyway.


Not gonna lie. I don’t disagree with you but it’s bad optics that might affect us negatively anyways. So potentially more damaging than helpful anyways brother.


We could also combine this with ERC20 and issue the extra token to a claimed ERC20 address. This adds extra liquidity for SAFE coin and improve the speed of adoption. This would directly strength the launched safe network.

Or reduce future total supply by half, depending on how much is needed for sustainable network. In my mind farmers should somehow be able to live from the store cost, not as BItcoin which needs to print new coins because transaction fees don’t cover miners cost for secure operation.

Enough meat should be left on the bone to make it attractive to new people. It is better to have a small part of something huge than a huge part of something small :dimitar:


I voted no. At this point, we should not be promoting something that contradicts Maidsafe’s documented pledges. Appearances are everything. Steady as she goes.


We would have more coins each.
But the same portion of the whole.
I think this would just create more sales, so unless you own a huge amount , I see it as reducing any expected high price.

I voted no because to me it sounds like greed, an intense and selfish desire for something.

It’s not why I support this project.


No way! …

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Cut the supply in half or more. No need for more coins.

No, all i (most of us) am doing is sit on them, waiting for the price to go up. However if you do want to reward people, i would feel more for a reward system based on amount of effort sime of the people here put into the network (e.g. promotion, the ERC20 effort, programming etc.). An extra incentive for them would be fair, and we will eventually profit from their efforts too.

If you did that i’d give my coins away free leave the project and tell everyone it is a scam.

Before or afyer you receive the free coins?

If you give them ALL away it does not matter.

No, it would give you the opposite of your intention

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With near infinite dividable coin doubling the coin has little benefit on launch. They simply will be worth half.

The effects after launch might not be good. Like only 75% of coins to farm and be a buffer for the network rather than 85% will have a negative effect. Now sure how much.