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Download SAFE's latest versions

This topic links to the download options of the latest release versions of SAFE’s end-user programs. Desktop SAFE Browser SAFE Browser v0.15.4 (only compatible with SAFE CLI v0.6.0 and safe-authd v0.0.1) SAFE Browser…

8 January 23, 2020
List of Current Releases

Here is a list of current releases related to the development of the SAFE Network. Click on a release to go to its dedicated release topic. CLI SAFE CLI SAFE Vault Desktop SAFE Browser Mobile SAFE Authenticator SA…

1 September 11, 2019
About the Releases category 1 September 11, 2019
New Release: Vault Phase 1 (real vault) 271 February 17, 2020
New Release: SAFE Authenticator v0.2.0 & SAFE Mobile browser v0.3.0 73 February 14, 2020
New Release: Vault Phase 1 (mock vault) 86 February 12, 2020
New Release: SAFE Mobile Browser v0.2 & Safe Mobile Authenticator v0.1.4 36 January 28, 2020
Release: SAFE Mobile Browser iOS 19 September 11, 2019
Release: SAFE Mobile Browser 98 September 11, 2019